Shari Beaubien


photo of the artist
When I was young and thumb-sucking was in vogue, I insisted that mine was grape. I've been happily inventing the flavors of my world ever since.

Today, those flavors are bottled and sit stoically on my shelf in my Southern California studio.  They are my beloved acrylic paints.  Going to the office each day means I pad downstairs and contentedly splash color after glorious color across canvases of every shape and size.  Sometimes wet and messy and other times more restrained, the rhythm of my process is like a dance all my own.  I can't think of a single thing I'd rather be doing.

My paintings are the purest form of personal expression that I know how to make.  Each brush stroke carries with it a bit of my journey on this planet.  Rich, soulful colors document a life well-lived.  And if you listen closely, between the many layers of paint and whimsy, you just might hear the whispers of my heart.

As a self-taught artist, I have invested an enormous amount of energy in my growth and career.  Every lesson has been mine to both teach and learn, and that fills me with pride.  Moreover, I expect my evolution to continue as long as I am lucky enough to walk this earth.  But I can wait for that... In the meantime, my brushes are always wet and my sketchbook lies within arm's reach, ready to record my latest ideas as they tumble forth.  Truly, what could be better?

My home and studio are located within the concrete jungle that is Los Angeles.  While I yearn for more nature and more space one day, I am grateful for all of the cultural opportunities a big city affords.  I share my home with the love of my life, my husband Steve.  Together we have one incredibly furry baby:  our cat Theodore.

Balancing the demands of my artistic life with everything else continues to be my biggest challenge.  When I succeed, however, I enjoy traveling, working out, meeting friends for coffee, reading, and gardening.  A week doesn't go by that I don't crave chips, salsa, and guacamole... accompanied by an icy cold margarita, of course!  My ideal day includes a visit to a gallery followed by time to write in my journal plus a quiet walk in the woods.

And that, my friends, is me!