Shari Beaubien


Flights of Enchantment
The OutingThe TravelersSaturday NightTimothyThe AttemptDay's EndFancifulSoarThe Caravan
Carnival of Dreams
True NorthThe PredicamentGrand GesturesCommon GroundReservations RequiredPinnacleSimonSunday AfternoonWhat Dreams May Come
One Perfect DayFlights of FancyThe DanceLetting GoSacred JourneyTabithaStardustThe EncounterApril Showers
PassageMidnight RendezvousSacred SpacesThe ArrivalEliTranquil PassageWishes of GrandeurHarveyMoonlight Vigil
Soul Sketches
Guarding TruthDia de los MuertosA Place I Once LivedWhat the Artist Gave MeThanksgivingCompleteOpening Up
The SentriesPrecariousRemembranceWhen a Petal FallsFree FallPortrait of the Non-BelieversTrystAn OfferingEmpowered