Let's face it:  we're all different.  Our bodies are not built the same way.  The number of years we've been on the planet ranges wildly.  Not to mention, the things we're looking to gain from our practice are very personal and individual.

Time spent one-on-one affords us the opportunity to completely tailor the yoga experience to fit your specific needs.  Working together, we can fill our time on the mat with quality targeted instruction, thereby helping you get closer to - and ultimately reach - your goals.

Benefits include:

freedom to explore more challenging poses
enhanced flexibility & muscular suppleness
deeper sleep
increased strength & endurance
improved mental clarity
refined connection to the breath
better posture
greater peace in meditation
tools to promote continued progress

Session length: 60 minutes*

single private session:  $125
package of 5 private sessions:  $500
($100 per session)

Duet, small group, and corporate pricing is available.
Please contact me for more details and to get started!

* If we have not previously worked together, please allow for 75 minutes for our initial session.